About KCHP

Representing Health-System Pharmacy in Kansas

Our Mission

The Kansas Council of Health-System Pharmacy is committed to advancing public health by promoting the safe and appropriate use of medications through advocacy and education.

Our Vision

Medication use will be safe and effective for all people in Kansas.

What We Believe

KCHP is working to advance public health by promoting the professional interests of pharmacists and technicians practicing in hospitals and other organized health-care settings through:

  • Supporting pharmacists in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.
  • Fostering pharmaceutical services aimed at drug-use control and rational drug therapy.
  • Fostering an adequate supply of well-trained, competent pharmacists and associated personnel.
  • Developing and conducting programs for maintaining and improving the competence of pharmacists and associated personnel.
  • Disseminating information about pharmaceutical services and rational and safe use of medication.
  • Improving communication among pharmacists, other members of the health-care industry, and the public.
  • Promoting research in the health and pharmaceutical sciences and in pharmaceutical services.
  • Promoting the economic welfare of pharmacists and associated personnel.

KCHP is also working to foster rational and safe use of medication in society through advocating appropriate public policies that support this position.

KCHP History

The Kansas Council of Health-System Pharmacists was created in February 2008 as a professional association that is focused on generating the optimum environment in the state of Kansas for responsible, ethical and unsurpassed excellence in health care from pharmacists employed in a health-system setting.  In 2009, KCHP was officially recognized as a state affiliate of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).  In our first year of existence, our membership of professionals grew to more than 200 members.  We are constantly striving to enhance our member benefits, and we recognize that working together is the most successful way to make a difference.

KCHP Members

Our membership is comprised primarily of health-systems pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, residents and pharmacy students. Look inside for our dues pricing, as well as more reasons to join.

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